Cloud Awesome

Microsoft: Azure, Dynamics 365, and BI stack


Hello World,

My name is Arthur. I’m a developer and technical architect from Northumberland in the North East of England.

As you may have guessed from the site’s subheading, I have three main areas of interest:

1. Microsoft Azure

Interested and experienced in the full Azure platform and love the opportunity to build software which leverages the strengths of various offerings available.

2. Dynamics 365

Working with D365 since the introduction of 2011 (How far it’s come since then!) Depending on what I’m working on at any given time I may be neck deep in Dynamics or loitering on the periphery building integrations in Azure, but it’s been a constant for a good few years now.

Also interested in all the related technologies related to D365 and O365 such as SharePoint, Flow (now ‘Automate’), Power Apps, etc.

3. The Microsoft BI stack

I’ve been involved with Power BI since back in 2009 when it was just the PowerPivot add on for Excel. I am amazed at how far it’s come since from a powerful self-service tool in Excel to a complete business intelligence platform.

I’m also big on SQL, SQL Services (especially SSIS) and data management, model design, and warehousing. And I’m currently working to develop my Bot Framework and ML skills so expect to see some posts on that in the not too distant future.

The projects where I can join all three interests together are obviously happy days!

Currently a consultant for a large software house (naming no names) and post ideas tend to come from what I’m currently working on so if blog posts come in batches of topics and I don’t mention a specific area for a while, don’t blame me, blame the project 😉

I went for the name “Cloud Awesome” because the one area that does not interest me is pure on premise development. If it isn’t in our heading to the cloud, it won’t hold my interest for long. Cloud is awesome.

Outside of Microsoft-land (such a place seemingly does exist!) I am a keen musician (mostly classical and folk, with a little jazz thrown in at times), writer and linguist. I also like beer and wine, if anyone’s offering, though not at the same time…

Always happy to have a chat with like-minded techies so always feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you!